We keep our lesson structure simple - 
lessons are 100% customized to your level and learning.


4-Line Fundamental Lesson

2 1/2 hours $275

Introduction to a 4-line inflatable kite, the kite you will be kiteboarding with on the water! This lesson starts with a weather and location-check for safe kite flying, then 4-line setup, safety, launching & landing, flying, one-handed flying, "blind" flying, and water body-dragging. Basically, lots of kite control! Yes, you'll be getting in the water and controlling the power of the 4-line kite! Add a friend for just $138. 

  • 100% customized to your learning style
  • use of short lines to expedite learning time & curve
  • includes use of all equipment: wetsuit & booties, PFD, helmet, harness, kite, bar

Packages with the 4-Line FUN: For beginners who have never taken a kite lesson
4-Line FUN + 2 Water Lessons: $925
4-Line FUN + 3 Water Lessons: $1235
4-Line FUN + 4 Water Lessons: $1550 ** Most Popular!**
4-Line FUN + 5 Water Lessons: $1850
4-Line FUN + 6 Water Lessons: $2150
Learn-With-A-Friend Package: 4-Line FUN + 2 Water Lessons each: $1710 or $855 each

When booking online via the BOOK NOW system:

If booking a package, you will select your package in the booking window, then proceed to purchase the package as a gift certificate. Email us your specific lesson dates for the package or use the provided lesson codes to book them online on your own.

Water Progression Lesson

2 1/2 HOURS $330

Private. Jet-ski assisted. 2-way instant feedback bluetooth instruction. This is your next lesson once you've established the fundamentals, setup, safety and kite control with the 4-line kite or if you've taken a lesson before.  If you have taken the 4-Line FUN Lesson or a lesson elsewhere, we recommend at least 3 Water Lessons to be up and riding. This can vary by individual but most people take 4 or more Water Lessons with us.

What this includes:

  • 100% customized and unstructured to your learning style, speed & level
  • Dedicated jet-ski assistance for safety
  • 2-way bluetooth helmet instruction for clear communication
  • lesson conducted in a remote spot away from the crowds (conditions-dependent)
  • includes use of all equipment: wetsuit & booties, PFD, helmet, harness, kite, bar, board

Packages with ALL Water Lessons:
3 Water Lessons: $950 (saves $40 as a package)
4 Water Lessons: $1260 (saves $60 as a package)
5 Water Lessons: $1570 (saves $80 as a package)
6 Water Lessons: $1880 (saves $100 as a package)