Our advanced instruction with 2-way bluetooth helmet
technology will expedite your progression and riding in just 2 hours! 

If you can ride confidently in both directions, stay upwind, and self rescue, then you're ready for an Advanced Lesson!


Advanced Lesson

2 hours $270

Introduction to a 4-line inflatable kite, the kite you will be kiteboarding with on the water! This lesson starts with a weather and location-check for safe kite flying, then 4-line setup, safety, launching & landing, flying, one-handed flying, "blind" flying, and water body-dragging. Basically, lots of kite control! Yes, you'll be getting in the water and controlling the power of the 4-line kite! Add a friend for just $138. 

  • 100% customized to your learning style

  • use of short lines to expedite learning time & curve

  • includes use of all equipment: wetsuit & booties, PFD, helmet, harness, kite, bar

Self-Sufficiency Session

1 hour, 1 kiter $150 / 2 kiters $225

Looking to be independent, but need some help? Are you new to kiteboarding in Hood River and the Gorge in general? Or, are you one of our students looking to navigate the nuances of the Hood River launch and riding area on your own for the first time? Or maybe you would like to learn to self-launch or practice a full self-rescue with professional guidance? The Self-Sufficiency Session is one hour of professional guidance for a multitude of topics. Tip: Focus on one or two, and learn them well!

The Self-Sufficiency Session does not include gear, jet ski assistance or rescue. All instruction is conducted from the Hood River Sandbar or Event Site lawn. 


Please email or call us directly to booked an Advanced or Self-Sufficiency lesson.