There's no wind?

If we know there's not going to be wind, we will call you either the night before or 2 hours before your lesson to reschedule. We are usually able to reschedule lessons with 1-3 days depending on the forecast. You always receive 100% credit for your lesson when there's no wind.

There's too much wind?

Yes, this sometimes happens! When the wind averages above 30 or if the spread (range in mph between the lull and the gust) is twice the wind speed as the lull, then we will often reschedule lessons. Gusty winds are the norm and are actually good to learn in, but too much and you're just not having a good time. We are usually able to either push you back to later in the day when the wind can mellow out or reschedule lessons with 1-3 days. You always receive 100% credit for your lesson if there's too much wind.

I need to cancel my lesson.

We ask that you cancel with some notice to give us an opportunity to fill your slot. Last minute cancellations can be challenging for us to fill that spot. That said, our cancellation policy is as follows:


  • made 48 hours prior to your lesson are free of charge.
  • made within 48 hours of your lesson incur a $100 fee from the lesson total.
  • No-shows cost the lesson, so make sure you can come or call to cancel 2 days in advance!

I can't use the rest of my lessons. (Refund / Credits)

It's ok! We happily issue 100% credit for unused lessons. Lesson credits are transferable and can be used up to the following summer season. If you would prefer a refund instead, we can issue you a refund for the amount of your lesson minus a $15 admin fee.