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All I can say is if I had gone to Cascade 15 kiting hours earlier I bet I would have been far more advanced than I am now. This was by far the best way to learn with a wonderful instructor. I plan one more trip to the Gorge this year and can not wait to do it again. By that time I should be able to be out there own my own kiting my ass off!
— Phillip, Idaho

AMAZING school for a beginner! I started kitesurfing this past May, and after spending a lot of money on lessons in Morocco and the DR this summer, I found that Cascade Kitesurfing was the only school that actually gave me my money’s worth. I signed up for their water progression lessons. The instructor was on a Jet Ski on the water with me, and she was able to provide instant feedback through a 2-way KiteComm. (She had a microphone and I had a helmet so that I could hear her instruction.) The instant feedback means that you can be learning EVERY MINUTE of your lesson, as opposed to the little bit of instruction time that you receive in other lessons when your instructor is standing on the beach giving you hand signals. Brianna was a great coach, but I think that any instructor at CK would be great because they have the right tools to help any student get better faster. I will definitely be going back to CK for more lessons next summer!
— Kristin, Seattle, WA
I took a backroll and bigger-jump lesson from Cascade a few days ago, and it has sunk in already— jumps are higher now and backrolls sweeter. I attribute this to her good teaching, plus the radio-helmets allowing her to immediately tell me what I did wrong and how to fix it on the next try. This speeds up learning by a factor of two or more.
— Bard, Hood River

Thanks again for the best lesson ever! I am so grateful for your instruction and patience. You explained things so well and I learned a ton! The entire experience was a pleasure, and I would not hesitate to take another lesson.
To anyone wanting to take lessons in the Gorge: don’t waste one penny with any other school. Cascade is superior, hands-down!! Very clear & comprehensive teaching, a super awesome location, and genuinely nice people!
— Rebekah

Can’t remember my instructors name but she was kind, patient, and very informative. I had taken classes from another company previously and can say that your group is more expensive but worth the extra money.
— Damon, Portland

I went from having zero control on getting up on my board to being really comfortable with starts and stops, did my first downwinder, and started to work on transitions. My confidence and level of self-sufficiency in the water was so much higher at the end of the week, and I am an absolute machine when it comes to fetching my board now.
— Leah, Washington DC

I loved everything about my recent lessons with Cascade. My instructor, Alex, was excellent. He went at my pace and comfort level, but challenged me and trusted me to take on new skills when I was ready. Moreover, he only gave me as much instruction as I needed at any given time. For example, when the lesson was underway and he and I were in radio contact, Alex would only tell me to tweak one thing at a time as he saw it was happening in my riding. Cascade’s gear is in top notch condition, and they carry my favorite kite brand, North. They’ve got jet skis and radio helmets for even faster learning. Really a solid school in all respects.
— Student from San Francisco, CA