Tonia Farman

Seattle / Hood River - Tonia started Cascade in 2007 after conducting kite nights for girls around the Gorge to get her girlfriends to kite. Once certified, she bought a jet ski to teach with and the rest is history. She continues to lead CKB built on safety, progression and fun through personal instruction. Tonia also runs Kiteboard 4 Cancer, powered by Patagonia, inspiring people to find empowerment & life-renewal through kiteboarding.

Blaine Baker

Park City, UT - Blaine is like your first cup of great coffee in the morning - invigorating! Having started with Cascade in 2011 after taking the IKO Instructor Course with Tonia and her team, he continues to charm and has been back every summer since. Blaine is a lead instructor / teacher with World Class Academy in the winters.


Alex Thon

Bellingham, WA - Outside of kiteboard instruction, Alex is a knowledge-seeking enthusiast who has found the importance of being as multi-dimensional as possible. He carries out his passion through international travel and interacting with different perspectives. Alex is one of the lead instructors / teachers for World Class Academy where he coaches high school kids to be pro kiteboarders and good humans.


Katie Noblett

Newport Beach, CA - Don't let her roots fool you; Katie is a go-getter who loves the Pacific Northwest adventures in the mountains and the water. When she's not teaching kiting, you can find her hiking, snowboarding, running or sharing the stoke on the water. Look for the crazy curly hair and a big smile and you'll find her!


Burgess Malarkey

Seattle, WA - After years of racing sailboats in the Gorge, Burgess picked up a kite and never put it down. When not instructing, he’s either out on the water or on shore putting on more sunscreen, or a bigger hat. He used to wear a suit to work, now he wears a wetsuit, and couldn’t be happier about it!


Sam Ellis

Portland, OR - Sam is all Oregonian. Ask Sam about his corporate life before teaching kiteboarding - yes, he had one! You can find Sam at the Cascade Kiteboarding school or on his bike or cooking up ribs - he grills up some mean ribs!


Will Rountree

Virginia Beach, VA - Don't let his presence scare you. He's cool, yet soothing on the water!


John Beede

Everywhere, USA - John Beede climbed to the summit of the tallest mountain on every continent, including Mt. Everest. When he descended, he decided to teach kiteboarding lessons for Cascade. Expect big smiles and fun lessons.


Tim Bighley

St. Cloud, Minnesota - Tim's favorite things besides kiteboarding are Downhill skiing, hiking, rock climbing, and water skiing! Before working for Cascade, Tim was teaching kiteboarding in South Padre Island, Texas - a world away from the Gorge! In the winters, he teaches skiing in Minnesota - did you know there were mountains in Minnesota? Tim loves sharing his passion of kiteboarding and skiing through teaching!

Kyle Stokes

Salt Lake City, UT - Kyle has been kiting for 11 years - he likes to skateboard and scuba dive in his spare time, but did you also know that Kyle does lapidary and silversmithing work? This style is all handmade, utilizing sterling silver and semi-precious stone jewelry. Ask to see some of his work!


Nadja Bianchet

Austria - A natural teacher, Nadja was in the Alpine in Austria teaching snowboarding and skiing at the age of 15. During the summers she was on the water everyday wakeboarding. Until…. In 2009 when she learned to kite. Once in California Nadja was on the water everyday either teaching kiting or kiting or both!

So far she has been teaching and kiting in SoCal, Mexico and Caribbean.

Other than that she has several fitness and health certifications, which equips her well to teach individuals concerned with minor injuries, health concerns or back issues. Furthermore, she has a true passion for aerial acrobatics, aerial silks, lyra and pole. In case the wind doesn’t blow you’ll most likely find her tumbling upside-down of one of those apparatus. Her tumbling skills are well represented on the water as well. If you are looking to learn some freestyle tricks, starting with a basic jump to back-rolls or front-rolls all the way to unhooked tricks, she is your girl.