Learn-with-a-Friend Lesson Package - Hood River

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Learn with a friend_C4A3431.jpg

Learn-with-a-Friend Lesson Package - Hood River

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You and your buddy want to learn and do this amazing activity together, and save a little money too. Great idea! This is the package for you.  You and your friend take the 4-Line Fundamental Lesson together, then each of you will progress to 2 private water progression lessons each. Lessons are 2 1/2 hours each and include all gear necessary for learning to kiteboard!  
Saves $80 per person vs. taking it solo!  


  • 100% customized to your learning style
  • use of short lines to expedite learning time & curve
  • includes use of all necessary equipment: wetsuit & booties, PFD, helmet, harness, kite, bar, board

$100 down is required per lesson booked more than two weeks in advance.
Full lesson payment is due within two weeks of booking. 

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