Clinics & Events - Strapless Series!


Clinics & Events - Strapless Series!


4 Thursdays of Strapless Riding Skills!

July 27 - Basics

We'll go over the transition from twin tip to surfboard and strapped surfboard to strapless riding, how to choose a board, fin setup, deck setup, doing your board starts, where to stand on the board, how to ride it, how to go upwind, how to fly your kite, and more!

Aug 10 - Footwork - Foot changes, transitions, tacks & duck tacks!

Ya, we know - there's a lot in this one! Foot changes can be very challenging, and take lots of practice, but we hope to kick start you off to making it a whole lot easier! We'll go over everything from how to fly your kite (yup, a big part of foot changes!) to how and where to move and position your feet for all types of transitions!

Aug 17 - Carving, making turns top to bottom!

How to shift your weight on the board, fly your kite, and make a super cool slashing top turn (on swell or wave) and smooth, driving bottom turn! We might be in a river, but the same techniques and skill apply whether you're in river swell or ocean bombers.

Aug 24 - Jibes, turns, tacks and transitions!

If you don't have real waves to slash, why not get some air! We have rolling kickers all day long in the Gorge, which makes for the most perfect conditions for trying strapless airs. We'll give you the tips and share some techniques on how to get air, keep the board on your feet, and ride away... all without wax!


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