Our LESSON Philosophy : Help our students progress safely while having fun.

We keep our lesson structure simple because the lessons are 100% customized to your level and learning.

#1: The 4-Line FUN - Your 1st kiteboarding lesson.

There is FUN in the Fundamentals!
2 1/2 hours - 1 adult: $275 • 2 adults: $206 each •  2 kids: $149 each.

Introduction to a 4-line inflatable kite, the kite you will be kiteboarding with on the water!  This 2 1/2 hour lesson starts with a weather and location-check for safe kite flying, then 4-line setup, safety, launching & landing, flying, one-handed flying, "blind" flying, and water body-dragging. Basically, lots of kite control! Yes, you'll be getting wet! Add a friend and it's just $206 each!  Features:

  • 100% customized to your learning style
  • use of short lines to expedite learning time & curve
  • includes use of all necessary equipment: wetsuit & booties, PFD, helmet, harness, kite, bar, board

Packages with the 4-Line FUN:
4-Line FUN + 2 Water Lessons: $925
4-Line FUN + 3 Water Lessons: $1235
4-Line FUN + 4 Water Lessons: $1550
4-Line FUN + 5 Water Lessons: $1840
Learn-With-A-Friend Package: 4-Line FUN + 2 Water Lessons each: $1700 or $850 each

#2: The Water Lesson: Next after the 4LF. $330

Private. Jet-ski assisted. 2-way instant feedback bluetooth instruction.
2 1/2 hours - Our most popular lesson! If you've taken a kiteboarding lesson before and got to body-drag stage, this is your next lesson. Most people take many Water Progression lessons with us!

This is your next lesson once you've established the ground work, setup, safety and kite control with the 4-line kite. This lesson is 2 1/2 hours long and 100% customized to your level and learning, using bluetooth helmets for clear communication and instant instructor feedback and dedicated jet ski assistance for safety and follows. If you have taken the 4-Line FUN Lesson or a lesson elsewhere, we recommend at least 3 Water Lessons to be up and riding. This can vary by individual.   


  • 100% customized and unstructured to your learning style, speed & level
  • jet-ski assisted for safety
  • 2-way bluetooth helmet instruction for clear communication
  • lesson conducted in a remote spot away from the crowds to reduce intimidation, allows for quicker progression
  • includes use of all necessary equipment: wetsuit & booties, PFD, helmet, harness, kite, bar, board

Packages with ALL Water Lessons:
3 Water Lessons: $950 (saves $40 as a package)
4 Water Lessons: $1260 (saves $60 as a package)
5 Water Lessons: $1570 (saves $80 as a package)
6 Water Lessons: $1880 (saves $100 as a package)

#3: Advanced Lesson: $270

2 Hours - Take your kiteboarding to the next level! If you can stay upwind, this lesson is for you - try transitions, jumps, rolls, surfboard riding and more!

The Advanced Kiteboarding Lesson is a 2-hour lesson for those who are already able to stay upwind and ride in both directions. From there, we can work on anything you desire: transitions, jumps, hops, grabs, spins, rolls, self-rescue, self-launching & landing, surfboard and wave riding, and unhooked maneuvers such as raileys and s-bends.

You can purchase an Advanced Lesson here, but you must email or call us to schedule. 

Kite Flight Lesson - $125 private

1 1/2 hours - 2 person semi-private: $75 each. 

Don't know if this kiteboarding thing is for you or short on time? The Kite Flight introduces the thrilling feeling of flying a power kite to those who want to just 'try it out'. Easy for the commitment-challenged and affordable for most!

Kiteboarding with Friends is so much more Fun!

Learn with a Friend Package :
$1710 total or $855 each

You and your buddy want to learn and do this amazing activity together, and save a little money too. Great idea! This is the package for you.  You and your friend take the 4-Line Fundamental Lesson together, then each of you will progress to 2 private water lessons each. Lessons are 2 1/2 hours each and include all gear necessary for learning to kiteboard! See the descriptions above for the 4-Line Fundamental and Water Lessons. Saves $80 per person vs. taking it solo!

Self-Sufficiency Session...

Bring your gear & pick your own How-To, from the Sandbar:
1 Hour - $150 for 1 person / $225 for 2 people

Are you new to kiteboarding or riding in the Gorge and want an overview of navigating at the Hood River Sandbar?  Or maybe you would simply like to work on some advanced independent kiteboarder skills? We leave this 1 hour open to go over what's important to you. This is not a jet-ski lesson, and is conducted from the Hood River sandbar.  Like build-your-own-pizza: Select 2-3 things you would like to learn and we'll get through as much as we can in 1 hour:

  • how to self-launch
  • how to self-land
  • how to self-rescue
  • learning about Gorge wind
  • how to setup and launch from the Hood River Sandbar
  • the tips & tricks of kiteboarding the Hood River / Central Gorge area (ie hazards, currents, best wind, best swell, best flatwater, where to launch, spots to avoid, etc.)

And lastly, a follow for peace of mind...

1 1/2 hours - The Supervised Ride or Downwinder $180 - You bring your gear, we bring safety.

For the rider who is already up and riding but would like some peace of mind and safety nearby. Followed by one of our instructors on a jet ski, you'll be whisked away from the busy Hood River Sandbar and start your follow or downwinder with cleaner wind and less anxiety around you. Your instructor will help you get launched, then safely support you for the duration of your kiteboarding session. 1 1/2 hours, no instruction. Need gear? You can rent the top of the line 2016 Liquid Force, North, and Airush Kiteboarding gear from us at a downwinder discount of $160 for the day!

For open lesson time, the rate is $150 per hour. There is a minimum of 1 hour if instruction is on land, and 2 hours if instruction is in the water.

All packages must be paid in full in advance to receive the package discount.