What's makes our kiteboarding lessons different.

First of all, you can't beat learning to kiteboard in La Ventana Mexico!
We customize each lesson to your level so that you can progress at your own pace. We use 2-way bluetooth radio helmets in all lessons for instant feedback and clear communication between coach and student, which results in faster progression.

The difference in the lessons below are the safety tools we use to follow and assist with your lesson.


The One Lesson: $230

Safety follow with a 4x4 quad

Customized to your level, whether beginner or advanced, we aim to get you in the water and riding! The instructor follows you (as you're in the water) with a 4x4 'quad' vehicle on the beach if you go downwind or to shuttle you back up the beach.

Great for: First time kiters, beginners at the body-dragging phase without the board, & advanced maneuver lessons.


SUP Lesson: $260

Safety follow with a SUP board

You're progressing well and spending most of your time in the water. We follow you on a standup paddleboard (SUP) where we can get very close to you in the water for demonstrations, hands-on kinesthetic instruction or if you need a break from the kite. 

Great for: Kiters who like the peace of mind of having the coach close, with the ease of taking breaks on the water.


Boat Lesson: $300

Safety follow with a zodiak boat

Having the nimble zodiak boat following you at all times while you're on the water is the ultimate in peace of mind. If you find yourself cruising and smiling for miles, we're right there with you.  

Great for: Kiters working on consistent board starts, riding longer distances, transitions and maneuvers that take you downwind fast!

A couple things to note.

  • Any of our lessons are for all levels, from beginner to up and riding both directions so you can go at your own pace. We don't pigeon-hole students into a certain level. 
  • All lesson prices include use of equipment during lesson: wetsuit & booties, PFD, helmet, harness, kite gear
  • Lessons do not include tax.
  • Sharing the very first lesson: 2 adults can share: $165 each.  2 kids under 18 share: $110 each
  • To book a lesson, pay for a $100 lesson deposit here.